8 Interior Design Stereotypes It’s High Time We Forgot

Let’s make one thing clear, there are no RIGHT or WRONG ways to decorate your home. If that ugly old armchair or those pink curtains bring you happiness, who are we to judge?

Interior design stereotypes have found a way to become ingrained in our dialogue when it comes to decorating our homes. However, much like our culture of judgment, there are certain stereotypes that may have been learned that should absolutely be forgotten.

The following 8 interior design stereotypes are actually super-stylish right now, and you might reconsider them the next time you decide to redecorate.

1) Mismatched Living Room Furniture: It used to be that you were required to have matching sets of furniture in your living room. Gone are the days of matching couches and loveseats. For one, most young people can’t afford to buy all their furniture at once, but secondly, who wants all the same stuff when you can have really fun complimentary pieces? As long as the furniture compliments each other rather than clash, you’ve got a winning style!


2) Black Paint: Yes, it’s true that black paint can make a room feel smaller. It’s also harder to paint-over if you decide to repaint to a lighter color. However, black paint is actually super-stylish right now, especially if you’re using chalkboard paint. So long as you know what you’re doing, you can’t go wrong! Try not to paint everything black, but instead, compliment your existing furniture with black.


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