7 Details We Never Noticed in Famous Paintings

If you are an art lover by any chance, you’d know how difficult it is to analyze a painting. It is almost next to impossible to decipher the perspective of the artist while he/she was commencing their masterpiece. Let us tell you about 7 such masterpieces where we hardly noticed these crucial details…
Lady Without an Ermine
Historians say that in the original version of the famous painting Lady With an Ermine, there was no ermine. It is a little hard to believe but Leonardo da Vinci drew the gray animal and the blue cloak later. For the final version, he even made the animal larger and colored it white. Yes, this is the popular belief by masses.
A Face in a Jug
Bacchus is one of the most famous paintings by Caravaggio. It looks really ordinary but it surely isn’t! A group of experts managed to see something peculiar inside the wine jug: a miniature self portrait of the artist. Now this is something that none of us saw.
Where’s The Whale?
A restorer while cleaning the surface of the picture, found on it a painted whale, washed up on the shore. Now this is just amazing luck here. The artist Hendrick van Anthonissen decided to paint over it. Again, his perpective is very difficult to understand.


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