Mother Elephant Tries Desperately To Wake Up Her Baby, Human Jumps Into Action

Elephants’ motherly instincts show that animals and humans are sometimes more alike than you may have guessed. If you are a parent or have ever babysat a young child before, perhaps you’ve been in a similar predicament as this loving mother elephant. After you try so hard to get your little one to rest, only moments later you find yourself hovering over the crib to make sure they’re alright. You place your hand gently on their back or tummy to make sure they are breathing, just as this mother elephant does with her trunk to her baby sleeping in the sunshine.
While this adorable little calf is perfectly alive and well, as shown in the footage, the mother elephant is concerned by the fact that he isn’t waking up. At this point she isn’t sure what to do. The Prague Zoo staff takes immediate notice of the conflicting desires taking place as the mother wants the calf awake while the calf wants to nap, yet waits to see what she does about the situation. What happens next is absolutely fascinating. Mother elephant’s reaction is absolutely heart-melting.

Demonstrating the fact that it is far too easy to worry about your sweet baby, the mother elephant gives her final attempt to wake her baby. When the Prague Zoo staff realizes how she feels about the situation, they don’t hesitate to step in. Watch this mother elephant’s feelings show through in an amazing way in the touching video below.

Mother Elephant Tries Desperately To Wake Up… by viralbox