6 Super Easy Yoga Poses That’ll Cure Your Hangover Instantly

So your head is throbbing. You’ve had too many to drink last night. You want to get rid of this stupid hangover but pulling out a Yoga mat feels like too much trouble. But what if I told you this is the bitter medicine to hangover? Indeed pull out a Yoga mat and do these few Yoga poses to feel relief instantly.

These are super easy Yoga poses that anyone can try. These have been rolled out especially to get rid of those crazy hangovers. Watch these easy moves and try them now:

Savasana – The Corpse Pose
This is literally the easiest pose out there. It is used as the pose in between the other poses and newbies are in a rush to get to this pose as a relief. For doing a yoga pose as this one just simply lie on your back and move your head sideways so as to say “noooo”. It will gently massage your neck muscles.

Your occipital muscles will be relaxed. For enhanced relaxation try closing your eyes while doing Yoga poses as this one.


Balasana – The Child Pose

Does this pose look tough? I know it might take one or two tries for you to do this one. But once you do it right, you are going to feel a good relaxation. You can take my word for it. The importance of this position is that it helps compress your abdomen so that peristalsis is stimulated.

This helps your lymph nodes open up and enhances its job in removing the waste metabolic products from your body. Close your eyes and relax in this manner to make your hands remain stacked on the blanket or on the floor.


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