5 Mysterious Places On Earth Where Law Of Gravity Fails

Isaac Newton surprised everyone with the discovery of gravity. He was curious as to why an apple falls from the tree and why doesn’t it go in other directions. We are accustomed with the gravity since ages but was not actually knowing the reason behind us sticking to the earth. Newton, in his Universal Law of Gravitation, described that any two bodies attract each other. Gravitation was thought to be the biggest reason behind us moving on the earth.

Now, we have come to know about few places on earth where gravity doesn’t seem to exist at all. These places actually challenge the Law of Gravitation. Once you visit these places, you can get an idea about the lack of gravitational forces. It is as if you are floating on the surface. Here are five of the places where the gravitational force is lesser:


Saint Ignace Mystery Spot, Michigan, USA
The Saint Ignace mystery spot was found in the early 1950s by few surveyors. They realized that none of their equipment was not working properly. After a lot of brainstorming, they found that they were not working only in a circle about 300 feet in diameter. This is how mystery spot was found. At mystery spot, people can even balance themselves on a tilted surface without falling. The place has become very famous for tourists.

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