5 Children’s Puzzles That Are Too Difficult for 95% of Adults

Сhildren look at the world quite differently from adults. Otherwise how can we explain those tasks which kids solve easily and quickly yet puzzle adults so often?
We decided to stretch our brains a little and found some children’s puzzles. See if you can cope with them.
1. Chess players
Two people are playing chess. According to the results of five games, each player scored three wins. How could this happen?
2. How much does the brick weigh?

One brick weighs 1 kg plus half a brick. Calculate the weight of one brick.
3. Task of intelligence
A bottle of water and a bar of chocolate cost $11. Chocolate costs $10 more than water. How much does water cost?
4. A missing letter
Would you guess which letter is missing here?

5. Holey T-shirt
It is believed that only 17% of people can answer this question correctly.


1. This could happen only under one condition: if they did NOT play against each other.
2. To solve this task, it’s better to write an equation. Let the brick weigh x kg, then:
х = 1 + 0.5 * х
х — 0.5 * х = 1
0.5 * х = 1
х = 2
So one brick weighs 2 kg.
3. This task can be solved in the mind or with the help of an equation. Let the bottle of water cost x dollars, then:
х + х + 10 = 11
2х = 1
х = 0.5
Hence, a bottle of water costs $0.50, and chocolate is $10.50.
4. This is a row of letters that lists the first letters of the days of the week from Monday to Sunday. So the missing letter is T.
5. This task has two correct answers.
* There are 4 holes in the T-shirt, because through them we see the background, meaning they’re made on both sides.
* There are 8 of them if we count holes for the sleeves, neck, and body.