24 People Whose Day Just Got Way Better

Have you ever felt that your day was totally gonna suck and you turned out to be absolutely right?

Well, the good news about that feeling is that it’s a lot like a psychic. Those occasions when it’s right make us forget all the times that it was wrong.

As the folks on this list learned, days can suddenly turn good out of nowhere. So it’s not time to head for a cave yet.

1. I guess we can’t say that this made everybody’s day better, but at least the daughter got her cat.
Who knows? Maybe the cat will be so charming and lovable that even the dad will think the wall of sorrow was worth it.

Happy thoughts, people.


2. With any luck, we might end up seeing a few people having better days than they expected here.
Either way, I have a feeling we’re about to see a lot of tweets that read like people are sitting on Santa’s lap.


3. The only thing better than winning a giant teddy bear is riding your prize through town with a thundering roar.
I gotta say, though. I’m seeing a lot fewer helmets in this photo than I’d like.

That day can turn bad again really fast, buddy.


4. As if having Thor as a dad wasn’t cool enough, now he’s out here making dinosaur cakes?
This whole situation sounds like some bizarre wish I would’ve made when I was 6 years old. How is this real life?


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