23 Everyday Things That Are Actually Pretty Freaking Genius

When you spend every day writing articles about new things, eventually things stop surprising you so much. Or, that’s what I thought, until I started writing about everyday things that are actually genius.

How many times a day do you stare at a screen going “OMG, how did I not think of that sooner?” Well my friends, that’s me right now. These things truly are an act of genius.

1. Use a plastic cereal container as a trash bin in your car.
Considering my car is currently filled with receipts, candy bar wrappers, Starbucks cups, and glitter, I could use something like this for sure.


2. You can adjust the heat on this hot sauce bottle.
This would be perfect in my house considering that my boyfriend and I have very different ideas of what constitutes “spicy”.


3. You’ll never have to guess which ceiling fan string controls what ever again.
And it looks like you can get them for pretty darn cheap. This might just change your life forever.


4. Someone turned a kinder surprise container into a pineapple ear bud holder.
I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a pineapple as cute as this, and I need it in my life ASAP.


5. Coffee shops that give out frozen coffee cubes instead of ice cubes have their customer’s best interest at heart.
Because no one wants to drink diluted coffee, what would be the point?


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