21 Psychological Tricks That Can Help You Read People Like Open Books

You have perhaps wondered how things would be if you were capable of reading other people’s minds. Some people utilize their instinct for this, but if you’re not so sensitive, there is another thing you can do and that is learning to read people’s body language.

It is a renowned fact that we get over 55% of information through non-verbal communication. Allan Pease is an Australian body language professional who wrote about this. Mimics, movements, and other body actions can unmask a person and tell you what they’re actually thinking or feeling.

With that being said, it is advised for you to pay attention to the signals that the other people are sending you even without recognizing it.

1. Closing the eyes


If a person that is talking to you is closing his or her eyes, you must know that they’re trying to hide from the outside world. A significant thing to think of: it doesn’t mean that the person is frightened of you. On the other hand, they’re doing an effort to get rid of you because they might be drained of you. So, if they close their eyes, you vanish!

2. Covering the mouth


This is a great recap what we all had during our childhood. Do you recall covering your mouth when you didn’t want to express something? It occurs in adult life too. A few fingers, a palm, or even a fist close the mouth aids us not to utter the words we don’t want to express. There are times that this gesture is camouflaged by fake coughing.

3. Biting the arms of the eyeglasses


Have you seen a person biting the arms of their eyeglasses? Try to back them up or cheer them up. They’re certainly anxious about something at a subconscious level. They’re trying to feel secure like when they were breastfeeding with their mom. Additionally, a pencil, a pen, a cigarette, and even chewing gum in the mouth can point to the same thing.

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