7 The Biggest Lies They Told Us About History

We all hear some pretty big nonsense on a daily basis, but the unheard-of set of falsehood definitely wins the main prize. You will just testify to the shocking truth behind the biggest lies anyone has ever said or propagated

During the four separate journeys that began with that in 1492, Columbus arrived to various islands in the Caribbean which now belong to the Bahamas, as well as to an island later called Hispaniola. He explored the Central and South American coasts.

But he did not arrive to North America, of which naturally the Indians were settled, and he never thought he had found a new continent.

It was also believed that Nordic researcher Leif Erikson arrived to Canada perhaps 500 years before Columbus was born at all, and there are also some who believe that the Phoenician sailors have crossed the Atlantic much earlier than that.

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