20 Pictures Short People Can Relate To

I’m not short. I prefer the term “vertically challenged.” If you’re like me and not gifted with height, you know that we short people have some extra struggles in life. Our world is just different from down here. Take a look at these pictures that all of us will be able to relate to.

Laundry is definitely a struggle for all of us short people. Just make sure that you’re careful not to accidentally fall in and wash yourself in the next spin cycle.
Sometimes we just need a little extra boost to climb up into a big bed. Although if you don’t have steps available, you could always try a running start.

I hope she doesn’t mind if I steal this idea and use it if I ever get a cubicle job. I must admit, I’m impressed by the quality. It’s thoroughly convincing.
One time I thought I was a vampire because I couldn’t see my reflection, but then I realized that I’m just short. Mirrors aren’t exactly tailored to us shorties.

This is totally me when I try to take a picture with my tall friends. Pushed off to the side and forgotten. Admit it, you probably didn’t even see her at first, did you?
If you’re vertically challenged, you know that taking pictures with tall folks can be extremely difficult, and odds are, you’ll be cropped out of the final product. Them’s the breaks.

My biggest fear is that tall people have a really cool secret that you can only see if you’re above 6 feet tall. I guess I’ll never know…unless I try stilts.

For a short person, baking can quickly turn into a workout because we have to climb on top of counters to reach ingredients. But hey, at least we burn off the calories before we eat cookies.

I would just grab another short friend to sit on my shoulders and erase it. Or maybe grab a few of them so we could just push the sign over.
Grocery shopping is much more difficult for a short person. You need cane sugar for a recipe, and suddenly you find yourself rock climbing (which is a great skill to have) inside of the store.

What we short people lack in height, we make up for make up for in ingenuity, mostly because we have to adapt to our surroundings, or we’d never reach things.
. You know you’re short when your slow-dancing partner of a dog is taller than you. But to be fair, that is a huge dog. This would still happen to some people even if it was a golden retriever.

Speaking of the kids section… Sometimes we just have to suck up our pride, realize that normal adult products don’t fit us, and buy the child’s version. On the plus side, it’s usually wayyy cheaper.
As a short person, shopping for jeans can be a battle. Oftentimes, they come out looking more like a full length romper than pants. Time to head to the kids’ section.

Gym equipment isn’t exactly designed for us, so we have to start climbing on the seat just to reach the handles of the lat pull-down bar. That’s the price of getting fit.
It’s hard to look professional or intimidating when your feet are dangling from a chair, and sadly for us short people, this happens more often than we’d care to admit.

Good thing that behind-the-scenes camera tricks can allow for us to look normal in pictures and not be cropped out. I sincerely hope that these two get married. So cute!
If you’re short, you probably sit dangerously close to the steering wheel when you drive, because that’s the only way your feet can reach the pedals. Just please watch out for the air bag.