16 Silly Peeps We Can Only Shake Our Heads At

4. Uh-oh, I don’t think I’m making a wild prediction by saying this girl probably won’t agree with Chris here.
I mean, I don’t know that she didn’t say, “Please make me look like a ghoulish zombie,” but it’s a pretty safe bet.


5. I admire this guy’s dedication, but I have a feeling that nobody else involved is too happy with him right now.
The fact that this whole episode was capped off by her removing him from the chat is a nice bit of poetic justice, though.


6. I can’t be the only one who’s more bewildered by the truth than the lie here.
Like, sure. You’re not actually pregnant, cool. Good joke. But why do you have a rooster in your sweater? How did you get it to stop pecking you?

Please explain.


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