16 Silly Peeps We Can Only Shake Our Heads At

We all have that one friend who pretty much needs a chaperone whenever the squad goes out.

But no matter what they get into, there’s a reason why we never do anything besides facepalm and chuckle at the same time.

And that’s because their brand of chaos is just too much fun. If they’re like these folks, we want them to keep going way more than we want them to stop.

1. Considering how adorably goofy these two are being, it’s almost like they were trying to set up that dad joke.
If I’m right, shout-out for being one of those rare ones who doesn’t groan when dad’s got a really corny one brewing.

That takes restraint.


2. I’m glad to see this kid following the rules. If you make a silly face in one display phone, you have to do it in all of them.
I also love the idea of actually choosing one based on maximum silly face visibility.

Goodbye, second phone.


3. I feel like this would be the perfect prank to turn my startled scream into hysterical laughter.
There’s something about a tiny wrestler toy trying really hard to look mean that just makes me lose it.

Please don’t tell the real Steve Austin I said that.


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