16 Signs You Have Way Too Much Money To Spend

There are two types of rich people in this world. There’s rich, and then there’s next-level, money-out-the-butt rich. The latter is the kind of wealthy that requires no amount frugality whatsoever. Next-level rich people can afford to spend lavishly and throw money at their wildest dreams. Cars, money, clothes, yachts, yachts with helipads, yachts with helipads and parking garages for cars and smaller, secondary yachts — if you can name it, they can afford it.
At first glance it’s hard to differentiate the two, but over time, the next-level rich people always give themselves up. Unfathomable amounts of money are hard to hide. Trust me, the signs are there. I’ve got 16 listed right here in this article. Be careful though, the side-effects of reading this article are lust and envy.
I don’t even own one iPad…
When you’re rich enough to have a pet lion standing on your Lambo
When you can afford to “give him the keys”

I guess this is exactly what it means to be next-level rich
The rich people trifecta

When there’s a separate garage on your boat for another boat
Only rich people are allowed to use this highway
You know you’re rich when you have money to blow on guinea pig armor

Why the hell do you need a boat hot tub when there’s water everywhere?
“Don’t worry guys, those are my throw-aways”
Rich people swings have water features too
As if being rich gives you permission to indulge in gross amounts of water waste

Wow, a tablecloth made of money
When you’re ready to throw it out, I’ll take it
Why bother walking down the stairs when you can slide
I bet he has an elevator to take him back up
A pool bar in the truest sense
I thought they only had those in resorts
Pool within a pool — I call it “pool inception”

This is what rich people’s showers look like