16 Pics Of Our Planet That Make You, Like, Think And Stuff

Ponder our planet, and our delicate position within it, for long enough and it’s hard not to think some deep thoughts.

On any scale you choose to examine it — from the vastness of the cosmos to the way that just one species has managed to alter an entire planet — it’s all pretty mind-blowing.

1. Expectation vs. reality.
This pic really says it all, doesn’t it? This couple wanted a nice pic in front of the Hong Kong skyline, but unfortunately pollution is so bad that the idealized version of Hong Kong seen on the backdrop is rarely seen in reality.


2. Nature’s bounty.
Believe it or not, this scene actually shows the higher altitudes of a desert environment in Yemen. These terraced pools collect and retain what little water there is, which has allowed the locals to live there for thousands of years.


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