16 Jokes About Bras That Will Make Any Girl Laugh Her Straps Off

If you happen to have a pair of breasts, then you likely understand the struggle that is wearing a bra.

They’re painful, they’re restricting, and the feeling of taking one off after a long day is what I imagine heaven is like.

Before we burn our boobie holders, let’s all just laugh our pain away together, shall we?

1. But seriously. Do I?
Whenever I go shopping, the number one thought in my head is, “Which bra will I have to wear with this?” and if the answer is ever, “Strapless,” then I do not get that thing.


2. Carry the one, divide the five, yep, she’s right. It’s Wednesday.
However, who the heck has more than one bra for an entire week? Is this a thing? Are people doing this now? Uh oh.


3. Am I dying? What is this stabbing pain? Oh. That’s just the patriarchy literally digging into my boobs, reminding me that they’re in charge.
Whoever decided that metal wire was a good idea needs to go to prison for crimes against humanity.


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