15 Times People Were Accidental Creepers

Everyone knows a creepy person, but there are times when people don’t actually mean to be creepy.

They might not recognize that a specific situation would be interpreted differently by someone else. Or, they may get lucky and realize that what they’re doing is being perceived as creepy while they’re doing it and stop immediately.

Then, enter the world of social media and it’s a whole new ball game. It’s hard to read between the lines with online interactions, which can easily lead to people coming off as creeps.

Let’s take a look at some people who had the misfortune of becoming accidental creepers!

1. Stranger danger dad.
“My dad wanted to walk me to school one morning but I was going through the ‘my dad is super embarrassing’ phase, so I made him walk back behind me. When I got to school, one of the parents had noticed my dad and asked me if I ‘knew that man.'”


2. When strangers get caught in the crosshairs.
Everyone loves a good selfie. The problem is, we’re often so focused on perfecting our look that we fail to notice strangers in the background. This dude’s face is everything.


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