15 Photos That Show The Strength Of The Human Spirit

The human spirit is stronger than we even know sometimes.
We’re built to endure, persist, and overcome even the greatest of life’s challenges. We’re built to bounce back.
And that we do. But sometimes, just sometimes, even the strongest of spirits needs a solid reminder of their full power.
This when I turn to powerful images to help me push through. This is when I find solace in the strength of others.
Let these 15 photos remind you how incredibly resilient and strong humans — including you — can be.
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1. This double-amputee veteran takes on Tough Mudder. Those around him show the power of people coming together for a common goal.
2. What you’re seeing here is a person who was once homeless and is now donating sandwiches to those in need on the subway.
3. Hyvon Ngetich was in first place when her body quit on her during the Austin Marathon. But her spirit? Not a chance. She crawled her way across the finish.

4. This little one’s face says it all.
5. This is the look of a woman who became a paraplegic two years ago and just today got back into the saddle and rode her heart out.

This man was born without arms and legs…and trained his way to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro.
This man with a prosthetic leg was seen gathering all the strength he had left to push through the last hurdle before the summit of Mt. Evans in Colorado.
This 13-year-old suffers from a rare disease that causes her to age prematurely. Here she is meeting a football star and smiling with her whole heart.

This man’s being lifted up by the human spirit of many. When we come together, we can accomplish anything.
These are children who endure the Arctic cold 24/7…with smiles on their faces. Happiness knows no bounds.
Passengers of this 32-ton train in Tokyo pull together to push it so that a woman stuck in the track gap can get free. Their spirited efforts ensured she made it out of the dangerous situation without any injuries.

This is the look of strength and freedom on a 10-year-old’s face. She was just granted a divorce from her much-older husband.
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What you’re witnessing is a school girl immediately after dislocating her shoulder in gym class. Before leaving for the doctor, she rushed over to grab her English homework. That’s one dedicated spirit!

This man’s unbreakable spirit fueled him through years of night courses and working full-time to provide for his family. Today, he finally graduated.