15 People Who Lost Things They’re Definitely Not Getting Back

The worst thing I’ve ever lost is my mother’s engagement ring. When I moved houses, it just disappeared. Most likely, I put it “somewhere safe” for the move and then promptly forgot where that was, which is always a mistake.

I may eventually find it, but that’s not the case for most of these people, whose stuff is either lost or broken for good.

1. I don’t want this list to be entirely depressing, so I do have a few stories with happy endings.
This wedding party is looking for the rings the Best Man dropped in the grass. They were found at the base of the tree, but only after the ceremony.


2. If your parents bought you your phone, you should be extra careful not to lose it.
After losing her iPhone at a bar, this person’s parents at least had a sense of humor about telling her that she wasn’t getting a new one.


3. X-Acto knives are the good pens of the art class.
Keep yours within view at all times, because they always seem to disappear.

What is it about people thinking that they can just “borrow” art supplies? This is why my good brushes are in a drawer at all times.


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