15+ Hilarious People Just Making The Best Of It

Do you ever feel like you or the people around you can get into such a miserable rut that it’s literally the only lens through which you can view the world?
Yeah, me too. I don’t blame you.
But we’re wrong. We’re super wrong to do that.
It’s all about perspective. Things happen in life, some crappier than others, but it’s how you respond to them that can make a world of difference.
Not only did these pics give me the laugh I needed today, but they also gave me the lesson I needed!
Not exactly sure how this burn came about, but they’ve at least taken full advantage of making an average-to-good joke out of it.
Maybe put a little salve on that?
So good. He looks super sophisticated now.
You won’t even be thinking about those man-parts you just had removed.
I love people like this. They are incredible reminders that it’s all about perspective.
You can let it ruin you, or you can make it build you up.

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