14 Pics That Take A Few Minutes To Set In

Life comes at you hella fast. One moment everything is fine and dandy and the next you see something that rocks you to your core. Something that changes the way you see the world. That leaves you TOUCHED forever.

Don’t know what I mean? Then check out these pics that take a minute to set in and BUCKLE UP BOO BOO.

1. KK so this is herring and onion ice cream and lemme just go vom real quick.
LIKE I’ll pretty much eat ANYTHING in ice cream but yeah, I’VE HIT MY MAX WITH THIS. The chunks are too much.

Savory does not belong in sweet you heathens.


2. No offense but this is like the MOST wrong someone could EVER be about fruit. Like WHAT???
How did so many people let this happen? Why did no one stop this? Did lemons REALLY need a rebrand?

But most importantly WHY CAN’T I STOP DANCING?!


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