13 Normal Foods You Are Eating In The Wrong Way. Here’s The Tricks.

Eating food with forks, knives, spoons, hands, etc are something which we use to gallop our food but have you ever wondered there are certain ways which one have to follow to eat certain things.

Do you remember that last time you have spilled the fillings of your favorite burger? And that when your oreo fell into the milk? All because you were eating it the wrong way. Continue reading to know what I am talking about.



Tacos are amazing babies but then you see how much we get irritated when it’s filling comes out from both the sides. Well! Here is an idea! Wrap the tacos in a lettuce leaf and enjoy it without messing up the filling.

Oreo cookies


Oreo makes up my messed up mood. And my hands get messy while dipping them in milk. Well! Here is again a good trick! Just take a fork and prick it in the biscuit and then dip it. You are welcome!

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