12 Shocking Proofs That Our Life Is Full Of Lies

Do you remember how our parents used to trick us into eating food and doing homework by telling us a ghost would visit? Or do you remember having milk because she said it would make you a Hulk. Well! Like all these, there are some more lies that we have been believing till date.

Baby Carrots


Okay! This one is going to break your heart but you got to believe that our favourite baby carrots are nothing but regular carrots. They are just another skillful marketing trick.

Olympics Gold Medal


This one! Whenever a person from our country wins a gold in Olympics, we just feel so proud. This medal has a dark reality and that is, the medal isn’t made of gold but silver. Just 6gms of gold is used in making it and the rest is silver.

Poured It Out The Wrong Way


So, all these years we had been pouring milk wrong and bloating our tables. But now that you know it, make sure you do not even waste a single drop of it. All the best!

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