12 Badass Trees That Just Refuse To Die

Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven. Although, if trees gave off wifi signals, then this generation would end up planting so many trees that might end up saving our planet.
But, in spite of various forms of destruction, some trees seem to stand the test of time. Check out few trees which never give up.
Serene Picture
Although the image looks like something out of a canvas, this tree found its way to survive.
Turn Around
When this tree fell to the ground, it found a way to continue growing by curving right back up.
The Tsunami tragedy claimed about 70,000 trees in Japan. Among them, only this tree survived, which was restored and is being protected till date.

Life Giver
When this tree fell off, it just ended up growing four more trees out of it.
Shade Giver
This tree from Olympic National Park, Washington has managed to grow between by two boulders by spreading its roots over them.
Puzzle Piece
This tree looks like a piece of art with its roots spilling over the sidewalk.

Getting Through

The determination to grow did not stop this tree from cutting through the rock to reach the skies.
Pole Tree
This tree did not even let a Speed Limit Sign from getting it its way.
Hydra Effect
When you cut one head off, two more sprouts from its place.
Light Effect

Give me light and I will find a to grow more leaves and not shed them in autumn.
Support Me
Swapping nutrients and love, this tree grows over another one.
Window Gardening
Is it what they mean when they say you have a beautiful view out your window?
What do you think of this nature’s amazing gift?