11 Pictures That’ll Trick Your Brain Like Never Before

Looks can be deceptive, and so is our imagination. Have you ever looked up at the sky and come up with your own imaginary shapes and figures among the clouds? This happens when our brains are tricked into noticing simple patterns or shapes where they don’t actually exist. This leads to some hilarious observations.
Now let us see some misleading sightings that are not as what they seem to be.
Sunny side up
A classic case where the cat is curled up with a tangerine placed on it but looks like a fried egg to us.
The Furnace
Doesn’t the grandma furnace here look like it’s applying lipstick? Maybe it’s for a date night!
No!!! Stop Right there !!!

The Expression of the hook seems like its screaming and crying its guts out. So would you, if a hammer is close by looking like its ready to murder.
Tongue out
It looks like the washing machine is giving an exact smiley face of a tongue lolling out completed with cross eyes.
The Eyes Spell Trouble
The car gives us a look of pure evil. Just hope it’s not scheming to kill us.
Did I Wake You?

This house looks like it is just stirring from its nap.
Smoke Break

Move away from the smoking car, you might end up being a second-hand smoker. It sure looks like the car is on its smoke break.
Invasion Alert
Move away, the aliens have invaded us and looks like it is taking a bus ride. No wonder the bus is empty.
Warrior On Board
This looks more like a samurai with a sword on a verge of attack than a plain rotting leaf. I guess some of the life mysteries can never be solved.
The Princess and her Frog

When your morning coffee greats you with a frogs head made of foam. Such a wonderful start of the day!
All Smiles
Looks like this army of lighters is pleased to meet you.