11 People Who Know How to Have Fun When They See a Statue

We are in the 21st century now and people are getting more creative than they were before. There was a time when people would just stand in front of monuments or statues and get themselves clicked. But now you can get rid of same old ideas and it’s time to go in the frame more creatively.
Statues are normally motionless but some cool people messed up with those sculptures to form a different perspective. They found an opportunity to grab a nice pose with these still figures which are just hilarious.
Check out some of these creative poses
A Helpless Spidey
Finally, somebody could stop Spiderman from taking another flight through the city.
An Unseen Friendship
This indicates that children and rabbits are natural companions. Correct?
Too Much of Thinking
Looks like he found the partner of his dream or he must be so bored that he found someone to relax with.

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