11 Life Hacks That Can Put You Behind Bars

Life Hacks are some little things that help make life easy. They provide us cheap and elegant ways to stay organized.
For instance, a bowl could double as a makeshift iPhone speaker or those binder clips that can be used to preserve the life of your toothpaste.
But sometimes these life hacks can also be trouble for you and won’t save your time or energy in applying them.
Below are some of the hacks which you can avoid
Get a Cheaper Ticket
Traveling from point A to B, choose a more obscure destination C and book tickets from A to C with a layover at point B. But remember not to book a round trip and that you are not carrying lots of luggage as check in luggage goes to the third destination.
Pennies at Laundry Machines

Just flick the pennies into the machine and it will activate the sensor and take them as quarters, thus saving you some money.

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