11 Children Who Take Instructions Way, Way, Too Literally

Excellent instruction is less about what we do and more about what a child can do and know, as a result of the lesson. But, children sometimes do innocent things which, surprise and awestruck us. Just think, how much happier we all would be if we started to think, like innocent children.
In this article, we have consolidated a list of incidents where children took instructions in a very literal sense.
Hedgehog Teddy
This child thinks, placing this Sonic the Hedgehog teddy in the Central Processing Unit(CPU) will enable the computer to run faster.
Museum Of Artwork
When you drag your child to a modern art museum and he perceives everything to be art.
Caught In The Net
Someone needs to explain to this kid what ‘bring a fish to school day’ means.
Happy New Year

The New Year toast celebration started by this cutie pie.

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