10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Very Stressed – Pay Attention!

Everyone infrequently feels under the weather. Nonetheless, if there’s something that has continuously been troubling you for some time, you must take your health seriously. Possibly it’s all about stress, in fact, a lot of doctors claim that it can cause different illnesses.

With that, here are a few of the most common symptoms indicating that your body is being affected by stress.

1. Skin Illnesses


Psoriasis, acne, and other skin illnesses can be due to stress. Scientists conducted a research among students, and it indicated a direct connection between a high level of psychological stress and skin diseased. An experiment using mice also gave the same result. The animals that were wide-open to large doses of stress were more vulnerable to skin infections.

2. Changing Weight


You might have been in a condition where you couldn’t even out your weight even if you’re having diets and physical exercises. In fact, there are some really intense experiences wherein you gain extra pounds. As it turns out, recurrent stressful situations upsurge the production of the hormone cortisol. It stabilizes metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and maintains the needed levels of sugar in the blood. If a person has too much this hormone, the person will consume more food. Then the body will produce fewer testosterones, and it will burn fewer calories, which results to weight gain.

There are times that stress and anxiety cause people to lose weight. Augmented levels of adrenaline in the blood make this occur. Adrenaline boosts metabolism, but it slows down the secretion of fats. Experts also blame the CRH hormone for weight loss.

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