10 Times When You Thought That You Are Simply The Luckiest

At times you seem to be good place in your life. Everything seems to work out for you in the perfect way- the remote is right where you sat, your favorite ice cream is still in stock when you thought you ate it all, yada yada.
Capturing such moments as candid, I have a compilation when you felt that it couldn’t get any better for you.
When entering the gym class felt something like this.

When you save a duck’s life.

When nature provides you with the heaven’s arch.

When even your dog gets it.

Luckiest person alive!

Too much happiness to handle.

When he bought $2 lottery ticket from these and won the first prize of $100,000.

This weepy moment.

When you had the opportune to have two tinder eggs at once

All hail this clever guy.