10 Times When Reality Was Ridiculously Stranger Than Fiction

Humans are a peculiar species.

Considering how feeble-minded and inherently fragile we are, it’s a miracle we even exist at all. For an animal with such a large brain, you’d think there would be fewer stupid internet challenges, Nigerian prince scams, and accidental deaths, but in true homo sapiens style, somehow we squeezed through the evolutionary process.

Since we’ve made it through famine, drought, war, and disease, we may as well have a little fun. As the circle of life dictates, the strongest will prevail and the weakest will be used as entertainment.

In case you needed to induce vomiting today.


I’m sure this seemed like a great idea on paper. Who am I kidding, there was no “on paper.”

4. More like Sea-Don’t.



I guess the name is more of a suggestion than anything. Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, it’s up to you.

5. When you’re not afraid of mouth herpes.


Either somebody had a rough night or they’re into something I’ve never even heard of. I’m holding out hope that it’s the second one.

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