10 Times Russia Took A Step Too Far

Stereotypes are generally not so great, but when taken with a grain of salt and the knowledge that not everyone in a given group fits that mold, they can be a lot of fun to point out.

Take Russia, for example. The world tends to see them as snow-bound, vodka-swilling people with bears as pets. Of course, that isn’t the case…but it’s still hilarious when you find pics that seem to prove the opposite.

1. Stumble upon a bear in the woods? Don’t run or play dead — take a selfie!
In the first one, the bear almost seems into it. In the second, it seems to be getting bored. By the third, I’d be putting down the phone and getting out of there.


2. I 100% get how this guy is feeling right now.
We’re having a very temperamental spring right now. It’s freezing in the shade, warm in the sun, and it can’t decide whether to rain or snow.


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