10 Times People Had To Throw The Whole House Away

No matter how perfect a new place seems, there’s always some catch you only discover once you move in.

Maybe it’s a problem with the plumbing. Maybe your neighbors are surprisingly fond of 3 a.m. arguments set to a moving death metal soundtrack. Maybe bugs and snakes pick your new home for their monthly banquet.

If this sounds familiar, at least the folks on this list are right there with you.

1. Oh, what a delight, this house has snakes that have figured out how to scale walls.
That means it’s probably not out of the question for them to drop out of the ceiling while people are trying to sleep.

Yeah, that’s great.


2. I can’t believe I’m asking for the bugs and snakes to come back, but a visit from a mountain lion will do that to you.
This is especially true when it looks about as unhappy to see me as this one does.


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