10 Things You’re Gonna Want To See To Believe

If you’re not on the internet to see weird pictures and gifs that you’ve never seen before, what are you even doing online? What we’re dealing with today is a wild hodgepodge of bizarre, funny, and sometimes adorable sights that you’ll need to see to believe. Heck, I spend my entire day online and some of these even wrinkled my brain.

1. I’ve heard of a trash barge, but this is ridiculous!
You laugh, but I bet you couldn’t tell me the proper way to dispose of a boat without looking it up, could you?


2. What the flock?
This incredibly dope picture shows a phenomenon called murmuration, where a flock of starlings will fly in various, mutating formations. In this case, photographer Daniel Biber just happened to capture the already-incredible sight at a perfect moment when the starlings appeared to be flying in the shape of a bird.


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