10 Things You’ll Be Glad Didn’t Happen To You

Sometimes (okay a lot of the times), you stumble upon a person on the internet and you’re like wow, that life looks like the bee’s knees. But then on some days like today, you find pictures that remind you that your own life is pretty good and it could be going much, much worse. It’s all about balance.

1. Hopefully you’ve taken much better pictures of any special, celestial event
You wouldn’t know it, but this isn’t just a picture of clouds. Well, it is. But it’s meant to be a picture of a very special Blood Moon, which sounds gorgeous, but who knows.


2. So imagine finally going to do a little upgrade on your house, and then coming home from work to see that this is what’s going down
Not exactly the progress that anyone wants to see! Unless you wanted a skylight, then in that case, this is just a shortcut.


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