10 Things That’ll Make You Want To Sign Up For The Colonization Of Another Planet

When you work on the internet, you see a lot of crazy photos throughout the day. Some of them will make you smile, but unfortunately, even more of them will make you question your faith in humanity. Sadly, whispering “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” to myself has become a daily occurrence.

Here are some photos of people that will make you wanna be the first person on a mission to Mars.

1. What a great idea!
I can’t believe someone hasn’t come up with this yet! If only we had a way to create foot-shaped coverings that were intended to keep your toes warm. Seriously, how has this not been invented? I’m gonna be rich!


2. You didn’t have to beforehand, either.
I have a cat named Spaghetti, so I’m trying my best to relate to her strong opinions about her food choices. The thing is, nobody cares what I named my cat, and nobody cares that you’re a vegan. Those are just the facts.


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