10 Things That Make Us Say, ‘We Get It, You’re Rich’

The Internet and social media have become exceptionally good at letting normal people know that they are poor.

Rich people do insane things! They use hundred dollar bills as Kleenex and Mac Books as paper.

If I had a dollar for every Apple product used as a planter or a Jenga block I’d be rich. But until then, I’ll just be over here living my peasant life, staring at the things rich people do in disbelief.

1. I mean if you have ten extra iPhones, why not?
This is what DIY crafts and projects look like for the rich. Just find something expensive, like cell phones for example, and make some nice hanging planters out of them.


2. $130 is nothing other than pocket change to this person —literally pennies.
Here’s another rich person who was just feeling a little creative and crafty. Most of my DIY projects cost under $20, and even that is sometimes pushing it.


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