10 Surprising Uses of ChapStick You Want to Know

ChapStick is a product that is meant to treat and prevent chapped lips. But more than its main purpose, ChapStick was proven to have other uses that you will be surprised of.

We have gathered 10 amazing uses of ChapStick that can be very helpful to everyone.

1. It prevents blister formation


Having a new pair of shoes can cause your feet to have blisters. Nevertheless, once you feel that you are not comfortable with your new pair of footwear, you can put some ChapStick on the irritated spot and you can now continue walking with ease.

2.Can aid remove a stuck ring


Oftentimes, putting a ring is much easier than removing it. In this case, you can use your ChapStick in removing your stuck ring. You just have to coat the whole ring with the lip balm and it will become easier to remove.

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