10 Strange Things Americans Do That Confuse The Rest Of The World

Every country maintains a set of standards and has their own way of doing things. Even if you move into a different area within the same country, you may see different tradition. Some countries are known for doing things so differently that people really get confused.
For example, an American walking down the streets of China may get shocked to see giant worm looking things sold at a local supermarket. This may surprise an American as it is not found in the USA.
If you are living in the same country it may appear normal to you but for those who belong to a different nation that may seem crazy.
Here are some things that Americans do which people from the UK find strange.
Too Much Water
Toilet bowls in the United States have too much water in them which people from the UK find difficult to understand.
Bread Sticks
Ever tried Bread Sticks in America? They are the size of small baguettes rather than crunchy, slim sticks yet they are yummy.
Strange Timings

Those not belonging to the United States can’t understand why television show timings are displayed as “8/7c”.
That’s really confusing to us as well.
How To Make a Cup of Tea?
British people are fond of having tea but they don’t understand why America is having a shortage of electric kettles.

Sports Can Get You Scholarship

If you are a sports player then there is a good chance that you can get a scholarship to a prestigious college in the states.
Huge Fan Base
While in the UK you may find it difficult to get your two friends to your sports match, the situation in the states is entirely different.
In states, college level sports is big deal and have a massive fan base.
The Weird Gaps

That’s an awful idea to have strange and big gaps in the stalls of the public bathroom. Nobody wants to be seen in such condition.
High School Graduation
In the UK, they just sit for exams and return home once finished. There is no point making it a big deal as it’s in the USA.
Biscuits or Scones

Those not from the states are confused why scones are called biscuits and why they are served with white gravy and bacon.
Washing Machines
That may seem fancy or unnecessary but if you are from America then you may not find it strange that washing machines are in a separate room.