10 Sneaky Home Hacks That Made Me Say ‘Whoa’

Maintaining a home is basically a full-time job. The To-Do list is never ending, the dirt and dust you clean always comes back, and it’s impossible to expect yourself and others to never make any sort of mess.

Thankfully, the awesome world of hacks — tips and tricks that are meant to make life easier — can help ease the stress of everyday household tasks. Below are just a few helpful examples!

1. Control The Flow
Use a fork to poke a few holes in the seals for dressings, oils, syrups, etc. This trick will help you control the amount of liquid that comes out while also avoiding big, messy spills.


2. Dust-Free Cleanup
If you’re going to be drilling a hole in the wall, place a folded Post-It note underneath it so that the drywall dust doesn’t fall on your floor.


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