10 Shocking Theories That Show the Other Side of History

People share generally accepted opinions on every famous historical event. But there is a chance that some of these points of view were imposed on us by the powers that be, possibly for their own profit.
We searched for alternative theories to famous historical events and looked at them from another viewpoint. Alternative does not always mean true, and they are not officially recognized. Although we really wish the last point was true!
Titanic sinking alternative theories
Version № 1 suggests that the sunken ship was the Olympic, an identical ship to the Titanic. The Olympic was constructed a year before and was accidentally damaged with no insurance to cover the costs. To pay the damages, White Star Line came up with the case of the century: they decided to secretly switch the vessels before the sailing. They wanted to send the old and damaged Olympic instead of the new Titanic, fake the crash in the sea, evacuate the passengers to the nearest ships, and easily get the insurance money. But the harsh reality showed that the old Olympic sank too quickly, and the nearest ships were not near enough to save the passengers.
Version № 2 claims the Titanic suffered a fire prior to departure. Sufficient evidence of this fact may be found in old photographs of the ship on its departure day. The sides of the coal bunker are marked with big dark spots that might indicate an internal fire. John Dilley, the fireman of the ship, told in his interview that there was a 5-day long fire in bunker 6. This story was suppressed to save the company’s status. After the fire, the burning-hot outer hull of the ship could not stand the hit by the iceberg.

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