10 Problematic Pics Of People Clearly Crying For Help

Have you ever seen someone doing something questionable? I think we all have. You probably couldn’t count the number of weird things that happen in public on any given day.

Sometimes you worry about these people, but most of the time you think “same” because life is hard and sometimes you just don’t care enough.

Here are several people who are living their life without a single care for what you think. If none of these items are relevant to you, are you even human?

1) This goes out to all my cat people. There’s not a single cat person out there who saw this photo and didn’t empathize with this person just a little bit.


2) Unless this person was in solitary confinement with just a strawberry to pass the time, I really can’t think of a good enough reason why someone would spend their time picking out all of the seeds of a strawberry.


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