10 Pictures The State Of Arizona Don’t Want You To See!

If you have every gone on vacation to the state of Arizona, you will have seen one side of it. But, there is another deep, dark side to the state that you may not have seen. Most people tend to think that this is a beautiful place and a great one to visit. It can be both of those things, but it also has its downfalls as well. When you see these pictures, it will make you question everything you thought you knew about Arizona.
This toad that ate a spider
This is one photo that would definitely freak a lot of people out. Is this really what you want to see? The point is that this is a really weird sight. I don’t know what happened to lead up to this. If you asked me who would win out of a toad and a spider, I would not have said the toad.

When they had to put this sign up
How many babies ended up in this tip before they had to put this sign up? This is a scary thing when you think about it. This is one of the most shocking pictures I have ever seen. There is help out there for people and it really shouldn’t come to this.

These super hot handles
These handles are so very hot that they actually had to put oven gloves over them. That means that people were literally burning their hands when they were trying to get into this place. At the end of the day, we all know that the state is super hot, but this takes things to a new level.

This badly named street
This is a horrible name for a street. Whoever thought this one up must have been crazy. At the end of the day, this could have some weird historical story behind it. It might be the road on which there was a slaughterhouse or where they executed people.

This road that is an utter mess
What even happened here? If you were driving down the road and saw this, what would you do? It looks like it was so very hot that the road actually started to crack. How did that happen? The state officials need to sort this out!

This bin that is actually melting
Can you even imagine this being this hot? The rubber lid on top of the bin is actually beginning to melt because the heat is way too much. The actual bin has started to run down the side. This must smell so awful.

This kitty who is on top!
Cats always like to be at the top of things. They have to oversee everything – mainly so that they can catch their prey. The fact that this cat climbed up to the top of the cactus and sat there. He loves overlooking the state.

This ultra HOT water
If you turned on the hot water tap and it was this hot, you could easily hurt yourself. This temperature could easily burn your skin which is actually pretty terrifying when you think about it. Take a look at this! You would not want to jump in the shower when it was this hot.

This epic sandstorm!
This photograph might look cool, but check out what’s actually about to happen. Sure, the sandstorm looks beautiful from here, but what is really going on? The storm is actually about to engulf the city of Phoenix! This is one of the scariest things I have seen. If you saw this coming towards you, what would you do?

This scary snake!
This snake would scare most people out of their minds. Look at it! It’s just sitting there in the corner. Right now, it might look pretty small, but it’s not when it stretches out. If this snake woke up, you would be seriously scared of it.