10 Pics That’ll Get Your Brain In Knots

We all know that saying about how pictures are worth a thousand words or whatever, but these pictures are only worth two: wait, what?

It’s basically like 16 exercises to get your mind working as you try to figure them out. But if you don’t, that’s totally okay. I don’t have the answers either.

1. That’s not actually a cookbook
Nope, this person just happens to be seriously talented when it comes to makeup skills. I don’t exactly know how you discover this skill, or how you decide on this particular recipe to showcase, but it’s impressive.


2. Why is this spoon sideways?
Is there a special reason for this? Is there some sort of food that can only be eaten with the spoon angled in a very specific way? Or do you hold your elbow at a very particular angle? How can I eat?!


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