10 Pics That Seem Impossible To Believe

“Pics or it didn’t happen” was once a powerful rallying cry for unbelievable claims. But alas, it lost a lot of its potency once everyone and their grandma got their hands on a totally legal and not at all pirated copy of Photoshop.

But because it’s more fun to laugh than to go through every pixel with a magnifying glass, I’d suggest you just trust me that these pics are actually legit.

1. Unless she happens to have an exact double walking around, I think we’re actually looking at the real deal here.
The best part is that she’s not even acting wacky or smiling or anything. She’s just here to watch these gentlemen settle their legal dispute.


2. Wow, I can’t imagine how bad the air traffic must have been if straight-up commuting looked like the better option.
Every time I complain about not having a flying car, I’ll try to remember this picture. The skies aren’t as friendly as I thought.


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