10 Pics That Are Just Off Enough To Creep You Out

I’m not someone who gets creeped out too easily. Unless, of course, it’s sea creatures or massive heights…or weird teeth, or dolls, or mannequins or— okay, so maybe I do get creeped out easily enough. But the point is that it can be really funny sometimes, especially when you least expect it!

So, today we’re looking at a few funny photos that have just enough of a weird factor to get pretty creepy. Let’s be brave and get through these together!

1. Just another reason to stick to Netflix.
I mean, you probably should’ve done this a while ago, but now would be a perfect time to just throw that whole TV out. Or, you can stick around and see if you live, your choice, really.


2. The plastic on this mannequin is chipping away, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.
Because apparently, mannequins are people too. I’d like to know what kind of dark wizard or mad scientist is managing this House Of Wax-style store.


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