10 People Who Took It Too Far

A lot of us would like to think we’re pretty live-and-let-live about what people do with their time. I mean, who hasn’t drawn a…questionable picture or two of Sonic The Hedgehog every now and then?

But some people will abuse this misunderstanding and suddenly, the streets are filled with Sonic’s most intimate moments.

OK, so the people on this list aren’t doing that, but their excessive behavior still requires some limits.

1. I hope whoever did this is proud of themselves because the one working the window definitely didn’t need this conversation.
Somehow, I don’t think the old “It’s on the side so technically, you got what you asked for” excuse is getting anyone very far.


2. Yeah, nothing says “I am innocent and definitely not cheating” like going all “Here’s Johnny!!” when bae grabs your phone.
At least, I’m guessing this person isn’t worried about her stealing his special secret meme formula. I could be wrong, though.


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