10 People Who Regret Literally Everything

I rarely go an entire day without doing or saying something I’ll regret later. It’s really just a part of my life at this point. I mean, it’s not like I regret being born, but that’s mostly because it wasn’t my call in the first place. Also, pizza. How could you ever regret living in a world that has pizza?

1. Oh.
I’m pretty sure this is a hate crime. Sure, this was a seafood pizza, and everyone knows the sea is full of monsters, but it’s still pizza!

Not even the point. Are you new here? You can’t carry it like a UPS package.


2. Yeah, here’s a mistake that comes back to haunt you immediately.
No time to wonder if you’ve messed up when you get a shower of suds down the back of your neck. Hey, it’s just a celebration to mark your new title of “Stupidest Dude At Carnival.”


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