10 People Who Really Need A Lesson In Photoshop

It’s no secret that most photos we see these days are retouched. There’s a lot of pressure to look perfect, and a lot of people feel the pressure to fit ideal beauty standards.

And with special apps and programs, editing photos is as easy as a tap of a button. But just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean that everyone is good at it…

If you’re going to retouch your photos, be sure to learn from these amateurs’ mistakes! And maybe get a second opinion before you post…it’s easy to go overboard.

1. This woman who’s been working really hard on her summer bod.
This is every girl on Instagram who says her photos are 100% real. The editing is a touch unnatural, but I’m sure she’ll do better with the next one.


2. This company that’s trying to sell screens for doorways.
Buy this screen for your doorway, it protects you against almost everything…just not giant babies! Something is definitely fundamentally flawed in this advertisement.


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