10 People Who Phoned It In To Get Home On A Friday

It gets harder and harder to focus on work as it gets closer and closer to Friday’s closing bell… and sometimes you need to cut your losses and cut a few corners if you’re going to roar into the weekend well-rested and ready for some fun.

You can always fix it up on Monday.

1. Maybe he wanted Friday afternoon to go twice as fast?
Two clocks are better than one when you’re worried about sleeping in, but this double-decker system leaves much to be desired. At least the big one is still right twice per day.


2. In the right light, at the right angle, you can hardly tell
The shoddy workmanship on display here is truly astonishing. The pieces aren’t even close to the right shape and it looks like our bricklayer cut out those smaller edge pieces using his teeth.


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